How Dubai apartment balcony plant will make a comeback

A new indoor green roof design is coming to Dubai’s skyline.

Dubai’s apartment balcony has long been a source of frustration for locals.

Dublin City Council commissioned architects R.T. Nair to design the new balcony with the goal of encouraging more people to live and work in Dubai.

The design incorporates a rooftop garden and a daybed with a circular rooftop garden.

This new balcony is a first for the city and the first in the Middle East.

“The garden is going to be an area that is open to the city, open to everyone, and it’s going to have a very open environment,” said Nair.

The project, which will cost about $200 million, will create over 10,000 square meters of space, a number that Nair says will make Dubai a “green, vibrant city” in the near future.

“This is not a new idea, this is a new way to think about the city.

This is something that will take us towards a green future,” said the architect.

Dubais skyline was first designed by the British architect Sir George Robertson, but it was not until his death in 2000 that the city was given its own skyline.

Nair believes the new design will bring more people into the city for longer hours, which he says will lead to better air quality and lower pollution levels.

The architect says the new green roof will be able to capture a significant amount of the sun’s rays.

“It’s going a step further than just a roof and a roofing system, it’s actually the roof itself that has to be a very green roof,” said R. T. Nafair.

Dubay has been in the news for years for the rise of the so-called green economy, which is a green tech movement that seeks to spur innovation, cut carbon emissions and make cities more sustainable.

The idea is to make it easier for people to work and spend time outside of the city centre.

Dubalans have been clamouring for more green space, and the new designs will help bring some much needed green to the skyline.

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