Two London apartments could be converted into outdoor terraces as part of project to revitalise London

Two London apartment buildings could be transformed into outdoor patio terraces to help with the city’s growing homeless problem.

The first of the two buildings, the 7th Stalwart, is in the former industrial area of Soho, a former coal mining area that has seen a significant influx of people over the past few years.

It is owned by an independent developer, who are in the process of converting the 7TH Stalwarts into terrace-type buildings, which will be fitted with solar panels and other solar technology.

The second, the 3rd Avenue, is located in an industrial area on the eastern edge of Southeastern, a part of the city that has been hit hard by the rise of homeless and poverty in recent years.

The project is part of a plan to turn the abandoned industrial area into a social housing development, which is a controversial proposal that has drawn criticism from some quarters.

It’s estimated that up to 100,000 people live in the area, with many people living on the streets, sleeping rough or sleeping rough overnight.

The council is planning to build about 5,000 new social housing units in the areas, but there is a limit on how many apartments can be built each year.

The city is also working on plans to make the former coal mines into a public park.

A spokesman for the council said the development was an example of a project that is part-funded by a London Borough Council (LBC) grant, with a further £1.5 million funding provided by the Government for the project.

“We are pleased that the LBC is supporting the development of the 7Th Stalander with this funding,” he said.

“The development will be part of LBC’s ongoing effort to address London’s homelessness problem.”

As a result of this work, there will be a number of social housing tenants, including many people who have been homeless for many years, who will be able to live in an outdoor terrace, similar to the public park they currently live in.

“The development is also part of London’s £2bn Vision Zero initiative, which aims to end the spread of HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis and other diseases.

The developer, whose identity is being kept secret, is one of the largest private developers in London, having set up two other projects in the city.

The developers aim to convert the 7 th Stalandys into housing, as part the city planning process.

The development was commissioned by a group called Housing for London, which was founded by the mayor, Sadiq Khan.

He has also pledged to work with local authorities and private developers to provide affordable housing for people living in poverty.

The mayor is expected to announce a number more developments this year, including a £4.4bn regeneration of the Tube station in the City of London.

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