When ‘Hairspray’ star Matt Bomer dies, his friends and family mourn

He was a beloved son, brother, friend and the best friend you could ever ask for.

Matt Bomer died at age 43 from a heart attack on Saturday, his longtime friend, actor-comedian and co-host of The Matt Bumgum Show, revealed in a message posted on Facebook.

Bomer was best known for his role as “Hairsprit” on the NBC sitcom, which ran from 2001 to 2008.

He also starred as a police officer in the movies, The Office and Arrested Development.

The news came just hours after comedian and director Matt Boles told The Associated Press that he had no plans to attend Bomer’s funeral in California.

Boles said he plans to stay in Los Angeles, where he lives, and celebrate the man who was “a true artist, a true storyteller, a real friend.”

Bomer, who was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on The Office, was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

He was the son of actor Bob Boles, a friend of comedian Bob Newhart and producer Steve Martin.

Bomsons family said the news came after weeks of uncertainty about the comedian’s health and well-being.

The family was stunned to learn that Bomer had passed away.

Bomers death comes just weeks after his longtime girlfriend, actress Sarah Chalke, posted a photo of herself with Bomer on Facebook and wrote that he was “just such a sweet guy.”

Boles posted the photo to his Facebook page after he learned that Bomers death had been confirmed.

Bombers death comes after his brother, actor and producer John Bomer, also passed away on Thursday.

He had battled cancer for the last few years and was known for appearing in movies like the 2009 film The Artist.

He also directed the documentary The Artist: The Art of John Boles.

Boomers death was announced after his father posted on Instagram a picture of a message from his son, who had asked for his condolences on Friday.

“It’s with deep sadness that I learned of your passing, Matt Boms,” John Boms wrote.

“I hope you were proud of your work and have always enjoyed being in the public eye.

I know you will be missed.

May God bless you and your family.”

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