What to do when your balcony railing isn’t working

By DANIEL H. CAMPBELLDENAssociated PressA couple who bought a home in New Hampshire and then moved it into a new home have seen their balconies go down and a garage wall become the target of thieves, with thieves getting away with just a few pennies on the dollar.

The New Hampshire couple, a couple from Minnesota, decided to move into a house in New England after they lost their home to foreclosure.

The homeowners’ daughter said the two bought their new home in April, just months after they moved in.

They said they expected their home would have a balcony railing but that the railing wasn’t installed.

“It’s a simple thing to do.

You just put a piece of metal that goes down the railing,” said Mary Ann Miller, who said the railing was placed in a small metal box.

“I had to come in and replace it myself.”

Miller said the balcony railing works, and she said thieves are taking the money from her and her husband.

They bought a 2,000-square-foot home in a New Hampshire suburb with a lot of open space.

They said the garage door and garage wall became a target.

“I’m a little bit worried because I haven’t seen anything,” Miller said.

“And when I go outside, I’m concerned that my garage will fall down because I didn’t put a garage door down there, so I’m thinking about my garage going down.”

The garage is on a private street, and the neighbors have a security system that guards against burglaries.

The thieves got away with a few cents each, Miller said, and her daughter said she didn’t see any of the thefts happen.

Miller said she is taking the new security measures and her own security camera, which can’t see the outside, to the police department.

The homeowners’ family is upset that they had to take measures to protect themselves, including installing a security gate to their garage.

Miller says she is planning to move out of the home soon and her son, now in his 20s, is looking for a job, and he said he hopes to move in with her soon.

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